About Me

What You Need To Know

I provide consulting and counselling services that utilize scientifically proven treatments that are supported by research including CBT, EMDR and Gottman Couple’s Therapy Methods.

My counselling services treatment plan is customized to the needs of my unique clients.
Given my personal experience engaging in therapy globally, I provide culturally sensitive counselling.

Multiple office locations are offered in the lower mainland (North Vancouver, Vancouver, Surrey). Currently, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic all sessions are remote (using Zoom).

Evening and weekend appointments available.

Fees are reimbursed by most insurance companies and those who are covered by Victim Services.

My counselling services are accessible worldwide with online therapy via secure email, secure video and zoom.

The convenience and accessibility of the internet offers us a portal to reach out and express ourselves. I provide a safe, professional and collaborative environment for you to explore your concerns and develop measurable and attainable goals.

My Experience

With a PhD from the University of British Columbia and over 15 years of clinical counselling experience, I work with individuals, couples and families to transform life challenges into opportunities for change, growth, and connection. My main area of interest is relationships. I work closely with individuals to resolve conflicts and come to a satisfactory solution. My clinical experience includes work within the school and University settings, hospital setting, the business sector, family preservation/reunification, victim services, online therapy and private practice. I have additional training in grief and loss therapy, EMDR, Gottman couples methods, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, art therapy as well as online therapy.

My approach to therapy is eclectic, with the focus on client centeredness, I utilize a strengths based, solution-focused therapy model to help clients to courageously achieve wellness. My international experience includes working in the United Arab Emirates as a consultant and counsellor in the university, medical and private practice settings. I have had the privilege of working with a culturally diverse population and have a board understanding of the Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. I provide counselling services in English, Urdu and Hindi.

In addition to my private practice work, I teach psychology at the university level, develop and present workshops for various organizations on wellness, healthy relationships and organizational development.  My vast work experience includes various positions as a clinician, supervisor and clinical manager for various  non-profit mental health organizations as well as Employee and Family Assistance Programs in Canada. One of my passions is to routinely seek out educational opportunities in order to add to my knowledge base and keep myself updated with the new therapeutic approaches that will benefit my clients.

Registered Clinical Counselor (# 3242)
National Certified Counselor (# 83021 )
Distance Credentialed Counselor (# 1123)

My approach to therapy is best described as caring, compassionate, and nonjudgmental. I am a firm believer in the potential of all individuals to grow, become satisfied, and live fulfilling lives. My goal is to help you achieve your life goals in a non-judgmental and respectful manner.

Often individuals, couples and families feel stuck in unhealthy patterns, they say they have tried everything and nothing seems to change. Counselling helps to discover the old patterns that are not working within our relationships and address those in a safe space. My theoretical approach is eclectic and a combination of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), short-term solution focused and humanistic interpersonal therapy. In working with children,  I often incorporate play therapy, art therapy and psychodrama. Many adults benefit from this form of expressive therapy. I also have considerable experience working with loss, trauma and childhood abuse and utilize Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) to help process stuck memories. I also am trained in the Gottman level 1 and 2 and use emotionally focused therapy to assist couple’s in understanding problematic patterns and strengthening their relationship.

In addition to face to face meeting at the office, I offer online therapy. Online therapy offers the same kind of compassion and non-judgmental approach as the face to face sessions. It has some unique benefits for individuals who like to remain discrete and it is accessible from anywhere in the world. Especially beneficial for clients who do not wish to drive and be seen at a therapist’s office  as well as for clients who are very busy with travel, family obligations or work and cannot find time to schedule appointments. Chat and video chat appointments can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and many clients have also benefitted from e-therapy because of the convenience of asynchronous communication that is conducted via email exchange.

Entering therapy entails letting go of your emotional comfort zone. Through consultation with me, you will be encouraged to come to your therapy goals. In order to live your authentic life and reach your full potential you may at times be faced with difficult choices and tough tradeoffs. I will further ask you to reflect on your objectives for being in therapy and encourage you to think about your next move to achieve your goals.

Like all individuals, as I grow my personal philosophy develops over time. Here are a few descriptors that will give you an idea about me:

I believe in lifelong learning and being flexible. I take every opportunity to learn new skills as a therapist, as a parent and as a human being. I try to have an open mind and believe that my clients are the true experts. The foundation of my work is to honor  the dignity and worth of all beings.  I work with clients  to be better advocates for themselves and less of a judge to others.

We all struggle at times, we make mistakes and the process is as important as the result. We are all social by nature. We are born into families, societies, cultures and religions that influence who we are and who we ought to be. Our past may influence who we are today but our present choices determine our future. We should live life as an adventure in celebration but also take it easy and just savor what we have and give gratitude.

By accepting responsibility for our planet, our bodies, minds, spirits as well as our relationships we go beyond who we currently recognize ourselves to be. We prepare to receive what we want and dedicate our lives to uncover our goals. And we can begin living an authentic life with purpose and direction.

My aim is to help people bring possibilities into realities and I truly believe in the power of therapy to help people change.